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How To Become a Trusted Office Supplier

So you want to sell your product to an office and become their official supplier? If you offer something useful in an office, it’s a smart move to offer your product directly to them and convince them you should be their official supplier. Offices order in bulks and if you maintain a good relationship with them, you won’t have to worry about a consistent income flow.

Here are a few tips to become a trusted office supplier.

Make sure your product is necessary for them or solves a problem

Are you selling furniture? Maybe you can suggest a furniture upgrade to make their employees feel more at home while in the office. If you sell coffee or healthy office meals, and they are not so keen on supplying their employees themselves, tell them why it’s a good idea to do so. Tell them how it can possibly improve productivity if their employees are always make a healthy living or have a high on energy.

Do you offer a better rate at bulk orders than other suppliers? Do you offer them at the same price as other suppliers but guarantee your products are somehow better? Whatever it is, highlight it when you send a proposal.

There are the usual office supplies that are definitely a need in the office. Pens, papers, memo pads, and other paperwork necessities. These products almost sell themselves and all you really need to do would be to differentiate your offer from others.

Give complimentary samples of your product

Whether its an office supply, furniture, meals or beverage, make sure to bring samples during your presentation.

People always love free samples and you can’t actually just keep talking about how good it is if they can’t try or see it for themselves. This way, they can already make an initial judgment of the product.

Know who to call

Make sure you know the proper person to contact to make your offer. Find out who is in charge of supplies. Do they have a procurement department or do you go directly to the manager or owner? Doing proper research will save you the time.

Once you get in touch with the right resource person, introduce yourself briefly and go right ahead with the proposal. You don’t need to recite a long list of details about your personal life or achievements. They would only want to know about the offer and how it can help them.

Strengthen the relationship

Your job doesn’t end once you get their approval and they start taking orders. Make sure you strengthen your bond with your client. Always deliver on your promises and be honest with them if you commit mistakes.

Check up on how your products are doing for them, too, from time to time. Ask them if it’s all good on their end or if they have any suggestions to make the product or transactions with you a better experience.

Yes, you can be a trusted office supplier even if you’re just starting out! All you have to do to start is connect and network with the right people and start building a relationship with them. Make yourself credible. Let them know you care and you can be trusted.

Creating connections doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, with all the platforms available today, getting your business out there has become easier than ever!

Not sure or don’t have enough time to start reaching offices in your area? Contact MCLeadgenservices and we’ll help you kick off your business!


Maria Cristina Garcia

Co-Founder / CEO, MCLeadgenservices

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