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Cold Email

Cold emails are e-mails that are directly sent to a person you don’t personally know, mostly used by businesses to offer products/services to their target market.

Step Overview on Cold Emailing

Similar to LinkedIn Outreach, there are prior details you should obtain before trying to engage with the prospects. So completing all the details in Lead List Building is also a must in cold emailing. 

You can’t send an email without content. Message sequence is one of the most important factors in cold emails. It can also be provided by either side. 

Writing a message sequence for cold emails are crucial because some people might think of it as spam message. It has to be just right. Not aggressive. Light but direct to the point. Short but complete.

Create account of your preferred automating tool. Automation tools are a very big help in finding and acquiring leads by automating everyday tasks and makes it efficient for the user. 

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Setting-up the message sequence in the automating tool must be provided by the client. Using automating tools help save a lot of time and effort in sending a message one by one.

Waiting for prospects that you caught the attention of. Their response will be the way to determine whether they are potential customers or not. 

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