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Maria Cristina Garcia


Maria, an inspiration to her team, has been a lead generation specialist for more than seven years. Founding MCLeadgen, her work stretches in handling the team’s overall strategy and decision-making. She also manages projects and works mostly with technological and management consulting, food producers, and marketing clients. The backbone of the team’s success starts with a leader that is capable of bringing out her and her team’s utmost potential and bringing forth exceptional results.


Ella Mae Crispino
Operations Manager

Ella is a team member that has been in the company from the start. Being an expert in Lead generation, she was soon entrusted with being the Operations Manager in which she administers the processes, activities, and productivity of the team to ensure that every employee shows exceptional performance for better outcome. Her competence along with the discipline she displays in her tasks as a manager gives our clients and our team a satisfactory success.

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Kristine Venus Villamor
Administrative Manager

Venus started as a  lead generation specialist and with her distinct knowledge and abilities, she was gradually promoted to being the Administrative Manager. Her experience makes her capable of handling different tasks such as monitoring the company’s finances, time-tracking, and management affairs. She’s also responsible for marketing campaigns and web designing. Carefully managing different duties and acquiring great results makes her a respectable pioneer in the company.

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Judy Ann Epong
Administrative Assistant

Judy Ann shows great growth in her workspace. Her position as an Admin Assistant harnesses her skills in administration and ad-hoc tasks. The interchanging tasks honed Judy Ann to be adaptive and cooperative which helps the team have a smoother process of operations. 


Jenelyn Vibar
Staffing Assistant/Linkedin Management Professional

Jenelyn specializes in LinkedIn Management and is an expert in Lead Generation but her tasks also extend to Content Creating, Product Listing and Email Customer Support. She contributes a big factor to our Lead Generation Services with her versatility that enables her to create great results for our clients and our team.


Julie Anne Leonardo
Customer Support Specialist

Julie Anne shows a diverse set of skills that qualifies her in any job she is assigned to do and does it with expertise. She is entrusted with working as a Lead Generation Specialist that also takes over the tasks, List Building, LinkedIn Management and Customer Support. She finishes her tasks accordingly and her discipline and proficiency is well-recognized by the team.


Criselda De Juan
Staffing Assistant/Lead Generation Specialist

A great variety of work is entrusted with Criselda who specializes in different sales tasks such as reaching out, finding, and collecting potential leads with the help of the team. Her skills continue to contribute to the growth and development of the company by giving the best leads and proving that we can provide what the clients need.


Queen Irish Banzuela 
Staffing Assistant/ Lead Generation Specialist

Queen’s scope of work involves generating leads, list building, simple article writing and setting appointments. She effectively makes use of what she learns from one task to another and creates good performance results. She has a humorous nature, a firm mind in decision-making, and is considered one of the most reliable team members because of her outstanding adaptability to any task while guaranteeing a good outcome.


Donald Pacleb
Cold Outreach Professional

Donald has a natural skill for LinkedIn Management and List Building. In our team of experts, he is deemed one of the best in getting quality leads and results as he gives his absolute best in each and every task he has taken over. His thorough work process is a crucial pillar for his accomplishments as a Lead Generation Specialist that builds benefits for our team, our clients and himself.


Joy Calusa
Staffing Assistant/
Cold Caller

Working with the team for more than three months, Joy continuously shows her growth and proves her development with her achievements in Lead generation and Appointment Setting. She has a background of communicating with different people which makes her the conscientious and hardworking woman she is now. She believes that good communication and building strong foundations of trust are a big part of producing the necessary results for her work.


Reinalyn Delos Santos
Staffing Assistant/
Appointment Setter

Lead generation specialists have a broad scope of work that includes generating leads. Reinalyn is able to deliver a great outcome in her field of work with her effective ability to multitask and persuade clients. She excels in appointment setting through emails and cold callings, and has some background on customer service, all where she can utilize and hone her skills for further growth and development.


Alessandro Landicho
Appointment Setter/ Lead Generation Specialist

Alessandro has a genuine way of showing his skills. He constantly makes sure that he would be able to find what fits the need of every client he works with. He reaches out to find possible leads through cold calling and list building and inspires the team with his great enthusiasm. Alessandro's ambition for enhancement and growth gives him the fuel to work hard and always be at his best. 


Ezykiel Crispino
Staffing Assistant/ Appointment Setter

Ezykiel possesses adaptability and assertiveness along with a handy set of skills that greatly influences his work process and results. He carries through his job with certainty and produces good outcomes for the company as well as himself. Ezykiel makes a great colleague as he is open to different opportunities and changes.


Lawrence Riva
Staffing Assistant/ Appointment Setter

Lawrence is a lead generation specialist that focuses on providing the best quality in customer service, phone calls, and email management. With his skills in communication and organization, he takes pride in his work as a multitasker that can draw outputs with high quality.

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