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linkedin outreach

LinkedIn is a popular platform that is often used in finding prospects and reaching out to them. LinkedIn Outreach includes connecting, contacting and messaging prospects to obtain hot leads.

Here’s a 7-step guide on how LinkedIn Outreach Works

In order to start reaching out to prospects, you have to know who to talk to. Therefore, you must have all the details on lead list building

Important note: Limitations are a must especially when using platforms, that’s why, a maximum of 2000 leads per month can be offered for the security of the account/s that will be used.


Message sequence must be provided by either side.

A message sequence shouldn’t be too direct. When writing a starting message, imagine it as if you are asking someone you met last night, to be your friend. 

Working Coffee


Send connection request.


The composed message sequence and connection requests are sent simultaneously, that is why it's very important that the message is light and not immediate.

Working Silhouettes

Send thank you message.


Accepting the connection request is a great deal in LinkedIn outreach, because it can be seen as the prospect taking interest in what you are about to say that’s why it is necessary to send a thank you message. 

Laptop Work

Send the main message or pitch. The main message contains of the real reason why you connected with the prospect. 

In writing the main pitch, the message you convey must be:

  • Direct, but not aggressive.

  • Simple and concise.

Working with Laptop



Make sure to send a follow-up message with the mind setting that not everyone can immediately check the messages they receive. And like the the other messages sent, follow-ups should be light and natural to read.

Business Meeting

Wait for the hot leads.


Prospects that respond positively and seem to be invested and interested on your product/service are considered hot leads.

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