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Schedule Management (Daniel Mozlin)

Managing what little time we have in order to develop a good work-and-life balance is frustrating. Add that with unnecessary idle and procrastination, and the stress builds up. 

With Schedule Management, the tasks have become more systemized - resulting to our clients becoming more motivated to complete their responsibilities. By organizing their daily tasks and prompting them to push done, both the coherence and the productivity has effectively grown.

Lead Generation/Outbound Marketing (Aziz Kaddan)

MCLeadgen is designed to be of help in Lead Generation and so much more. This aspiration became the team’s fuel to adapt and become proficient in many skills – to name a few – prospecting, cold calling and email. Naturally, we nurture our assistants to possess a skillset that produces favorable impact.

As a result, they have shown their wide variety of expertise to help our clients with Lead Generation/Outbound Marketing – maximizing efficiency, raising effectivity. and generating a positive outcome.

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