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How to use E-mail Automating Tools

Finding the right tools that will immediately agree with the business can take up a lot of time, especially with the unavoidable trials and errors in how they work. For business owners, time is of the essence, we don’t necessarily have the luxury to spend most of our time dealing with the uncertain.

This, by extension, applies to the tools we use/are going to use to keep our operations running. One of the platforms that take no effort to learn but also go along with the business is LinkedIn. However, unlike LinkedIn, not everyone has the knowledge on how to use E-mail Automating Tools.

Emailing is one of the important business processes. It is when leads are found and generated. But before diving into how these automating tools work, let’s go over the basics.

What are E-mail Automating Tools?

E-mail Automating Tools are tools and/or platforms for lead generation that makes email sending easier and time-efficient as these tools automatically generate messages that will be sent to prospects, reducing the manpower and time needed to send these emails.

How to use E-mail Automating Tools?

Some of the tools are easier to use than others. You just need the right information.

Mailshake is one of the most trusted and used e-mail automating tool by B2B businesses. It is a sales outreach that helps businesses automate emails and outreach campaigns.

How to Use Mailshake

  • First, connect to your Google Account.

  • Before starting, go to your Google Sheets with the e-mails you need to send, then convert your sheet to a CVS file. After the conversion, go back to mailshake.

  • To start a campaign, find the plus sign and click on it. Name your campaign, choose the account you like to send to, and click next.

  • To attach the CVS file, click choose and state where the email and full name columns are.

  • For the subject, click on any of the columns in your CVS file then go to the button below to add a reply - which can be set to be sent e.g. 3 days, after sending the mail. You can always add another reply to be sent after your desired days. The emails can be paused manually but it will automatically stop once the recipient responds.

  • If you want an email to go out even if the recipients reply, a drip email can be useful, especially for educational campaigns.

  • If you want to track clicks on a crowded page, always remember to use your own tracking domain, otherwise, your spam rate will increase. This is the “add on click” - on link click, place your link if you want to go all out.

  • The next step is to click NEXT to preview and personalize each email and fix any adjustments.

  • Here, you can make changes to your final emails, final text replacements, and signatures. Once finalized, click next.

  • Tweak how your campaign will be sent, the schedules, and how lead capture works

  • Click the view more and tweak settings after sending your campaigns to see the sending calendar for all campaigns. To see the specific date and time for emails to be sent, the maximum of emails among other things, click the show rules.

Woodpecker is an easy-use E-mail Automating Tool with features built to safely avoid mistakes, and smoothly send emails.

How to Use Woodpecker

  • First, connect your email to woodpecker.

  • Choose an email provider and the email account you are going to use to reach your prospects.

  • Choosing Automatic Integration will auto-detect settings and configure the email.

  • Set up and finalize your account.

  • Next, go to your inbox and test your email connections message.

  • Compose a personalized email with snippets, conditions, and/or a follow-up message. (to add a follow-up email, click the ‘add email’)

  • Set up cold emails and the default daily limit for opening emails. (Note: You can change the default daily limits for opening emails, adding delay time for the follow-ups, and send fewer or more opening emails a day. But the default opening emails can only be set to 50 per day.)

  • To measure and check the sending limits and scheduled emails in a day, go to settings-accounts-sending.

  • By default, woodpecker waits for 3 days. To change this, click the clock icon to open follow-up settings, change the number, and choose between days and hours after the previous email. (Set up the days of the week, hours, and timezone for sending. Check the option and use the prospects’ timezone to send campaigns according to the pre-selected timezone.)

  • Scroll down below the email sequence to see the prospects section then add prospects to the campaign.

- To add prospects - click on the right, and select Import. To see the review list of all imported prospects - click see details. Using the checkboxes on the left column, you can select and deselect prospects. Check any errors in imported properties data by clicking download on the right.

- If you like to manually add a few prospects, click add prospects on the right, and select manually. Type the prospect's email address in the first column of the table then hit enter to add another. Fill the other fields with the information you need to use.

  • To preview emails, click preview below. It shows the final form of the email.

  • To test the whole sequence of emails in the campaign and containing example data, click send test email that’ll be sent to the selected address.

  • To add preview to the campaign, click add.

  • Check if it looks as it should before sending any emails. Customize your emails, fix errors, and remove missing snippets. (A red color indicates a missing snippet.)

  • Click save draft to save the campaign as a draft which can be seen on the campaign list.

  • To start sending the campaign, click the green “run” button at the bottom. The campaign will now be running and sending emails according to the settings chosen - but it is always ready to be edited, be added some prospects, or change the message content, just click the Edit in the upper-right corner.

  • Click campaigns at the top, to view or edit the list of all campaigns both drafts and running.

A lot of factors affect how your Lead Generation business can properly operate. Using the right tools that can produce a good deal of leads without sacrificing the quality, is one of these factors.

These two E-mail Automating tools are one of the few that can be easily learned and used for your campaigns - fully utilizing these tools by their purpose can help your business run with efficiency and effectiveness.

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