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Staffing Service

In a more straightforward sense, it a service that MCLeadgen offers that aim to help our clients by providing them their own Virtual Assistant.

What information do I need to know, have and provide?

Time is of the essence. Especially for those who run a business. 

An entrepreneur should be adept as to how to manage the time they hold in their hands – otherwise, you can be subjected to unnoticeable false productivity.

Our Staffing Service makes it so that you can smoothly run your business without wasting your hours.

What do I gain from this service?

  • They aid business owners in lightening their burden and enabling them to concentrate on more significant and essential responsibilities. 

  • Virtual Assistants are adaptable and can handle a variety of crucial tasks for the business. 

  • Virtual Assistants emphasize productivity and manage strategies.

How does this work?

You just need to take note of these four courses of action:

  • MCLeadgen intends to ‘give’ you your own Virtual Assistant who would be responsible for the deals, the project, and the overall management.

  • The agency will only handle the processing but rest is up to you and your Virtual Assistant.

  • The VA will support and augment your workforce.

  • Get results.

Offered Features

​Our Virtual Assistants have a wide range of skillsets that can help you in many ways:

  • Lead List Building

  • Cold Email

  • Cold Calling

  • Appointment Setting

  • Customer Service

  • Administrative Tasks

    • Accounting

    • HR

    • Talent Acquisition

    • Content Writing

A virtual assistant can help you outsource job responsibilities so you can concentrate on more pressing matters.

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