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Identify . Connect . Convert

Lead Generation isn’t just gathering a bunch of random names and contact details. The first important thing is to identify exactly what kind of people or businesses your startup can serve. 

What is MCLeadgen ?

MCLeadgen is a trusted business partner that specializes in different major lead generation methods. Our team of experts helps B2B startup owners grow their business by connecting them with the people who are going to benefit from their product or service without breaking the bank.

More efficient than a single Virtual Assistant

Most startup owners tend to try and find their own leads themselves or delegate them to a single virtual assistant. A single person, however, can take up to a week or more just to come up with a single hot lead!


Grow your business faster by partnering with us. We’ll have more warm or hot leads handled in a day than a single person can in a week.

Team Talk

Just give us the details of your target market and we're good to go

Schedule a call with us and tell us all about your services and the people you want to serve. We will then send a project plan to you and all you have to do is review, and approve, then we're good to go.

Business Meeting

We can provide up to 5 interested leads in a week

We won’t just provide any names and contact details. We make sure that the contacts we hand our clients are the exact people they would want to introduce their business to.


Imagine how a handful of the right people can grow your B2B startup. And by using different sophisticated tools online as well as effective templates, we can give you 2 to 5 hot leads in a week!

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Our Services

No funds for advertising on major platforms? No problem! Our team can get you a list of thousands of people in your target market along with their contact details. You can then directly contact them and market your services to them.


No need for big-time marketing campaigns just to get yourself noticed by the people you want to know you.

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Need more push on social media? Have a wider reach by being visible on LinkedIn! ​

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media platforms for businesses and you can bet you can find tons of your qualified leads there. Let us help you manage your LinkedIn account and connect you to the people who would be interested in your product or service.

Marketing Company

Convenient, cheap and easy - scale up your business without burning a hole in your pocket and without complications!

Email is a great and almost free way to get yourself noticed your target market. But a cold email campaign has to be done right to produce favorable results. Our expertise in this area can help properly introduce your business.


Don't have a team yet to handle your warm leads? Well, we can definitely help you organize your appointment with your prospects so you can focus more on closing the deal.


Nurture your leads through follow-up calls. Reduce wasted efforts in waiting for unsure leads. With cold calls, we execute a total interaction with your target market, without you, having to break a sweat.

Call Center Employee

Need someone to handle customer inquiries? You can delegate this task to our team of experts.


Talking to customers one-by-one can be tiring and time-consuming, but it is also undeniably one of the most important tasks as it is the fuel of your business. We provide a helping hand in giving the support and service that your customer needs.

Insurance Consultation

Our Clients

Lead Ninja
Jim McCarthy
Sim Studios
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