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How To Get Your Product Sold in a Restaurant

So you have something you want to market in restaurants, eh? Perhaps you have a recipe, a beverage, or a ready-to-eat food item you want them to offer to their customers. While you might feel intimidated by the thought of getting a restaurant to sell what you have, there are several tips you can follow to get them to listen to what you have to say and convince them to take your product to their stand.

Get to Know the Restaurant

Just like with any other marketing efforts, you should get to know audience. Get to know the basics of the restaurant you’re targeting. What kinds of food and beverage do they serve? What is their target market?

You can’t sell a meat recipe to a vegan restaurant or sugary dessert to a place that caters to health buffs. It’s pretty embarrassing to present to your product to the wrong food place, don’t you think? So to avoid wasting both your time and the restaurant manager’s time, do your research!

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

When you try to reach out to restaurant managers or owners be clear and get straight to the point. Whether you reach out personally, through a phone call, or via cold email, make the first seconds of the conversation or letter count! Business owners and managers don’t have the time to listen or read through just for you to get to the point.

Highlight What’s Unique About Your Product

What makes your product stand out from the others? If you’re selling them coffee, what makes your product unique from all the other coffees out there? Is it friendly to those who are prone to heartburn? Is it the richer aroma smell that wakes you up before you even begin to drink it? Is it the outstanding tastes that makes them forget all the other coffees in the world?

Businesses get pitched to all the time – restaurants included. If you want them to remember your product even after you’ve walked out of the door after your presentation, you’re going to have to give them a reason to. Besides, how you market it to them will most likely determine how they market it to their customers to get it moving out of their shelf if they decide to approve.

Give Them Samples

Whether it’s a recipe or a beverage, make sure to bring samples during your presentation. You can’t just keep talking about how good it tastes if they can’t try it for themselves. This way, they can already make an initial judgment if the product is right for their restaurant.

Don’t Hesitate Follow Up

Sometimes people just get swamped up with work and forget about things. Hey, it happens! So don’t be afraid to follow up a couple of days or weeks after your presentation. They might just need the reminder about your recent presentation. Don’t be afraid to seem pushy just because you’re following up. Just make sure your timings are right.

If they haven’t given an answer, just ask once or twice a week. If it’s not approved they’ll just say it. But if it’s still in consideration, then don’t hesitate to keep on following up nicely.

Managers and business owners are usually busy and would make time to consider your presentation only if they would feel it would benefit their business. So do your research properly to make sure you sell to the right market. Be clear with what you have to offer and make an outstanding presentation!


Maria Cristina Garcia

Co-Founder / CEO, MCLeadgenservices

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