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Free Tools You Can Use for Your B2B Lead Generation

Starting out and want to spend the least on lead generation as much as possible? There’s no doubt lead generation is an essential part of growing your business. What good is your business if you don’t have customers, right?

People often think getting leads always have to be pricey. It really doesn’t have to be! You’d be surprised at how many tools you can use for your lead generation – for free! Here are some of them.

1. Sumo

Sumo is a very popular and useful free tool to automate the growth of your website. It’s easy to use and can get you a lot of qualified leads. You won’t be needing any coding knowledge just to get it running on your website. This is very useful especially for ecommerce websites.

2. Twitter

Why yes, of course, you can use social media for business! Social media is makes a great tool for lead generation because almost everyone is in it. Get your business noticed by networking with your target market. Share valuable information on your business’ Twitter account that would be useful to your desired audience. Engage with them and build a relationship with them.

3. LinkedIn

While we are on the topic of using social media for business, what could be more perfect to use than a social media built for business networking itself? LinkedIn is a great way to connect with fellow business owner and possible talents you would want to recruit for your team. Post valuable content in your LinkedIn account to build your reputation among your network.

4. Hunter

Part of lead generation is finding the email addresses of the people you need to be in contact with. Hunter is a powerful tool which can help you find and verify the emails you need. You can enter the name and company of the person you need to find and it will show possible email addresses and where they got it. You can also search for a certain domain and it will partially show the email addresses with that domain.

5. MailChimp

One of the ways to get leads is to offer an attractive lead magnet which they can download or get in exchange of their contact details. Email is the most sought after contact detail since it can be used to communicate no matter where your audience is. MailChimp is a great and popular lead capture tool which already offers a great package in its free account.

6. Facebook

We already discussed how social media can be a great tool for generating leads. How can you go wrong with perhaps the most popular social media website there is? You can generate leads through Facebook without spending on ads by making your own business fan page and share useful content to drive people to your website. You can also use Facebook Groups to catch the attention of your target market and engage with them. Building a relationship and not just simply selling is the real way to go to make your business successful.

7. Snovio

One of the limitations of LinkedIn is that you cannot engage in a conversation with a person unless s/he approved your request to connect. You can only give a brief introduction to convince a person to approve you. You can send a message to non-contact via InMail but a free account doesn’t come with this feature.

LinkedIn is a gold mine of prospects and it would be a missed opportunity not to get to send a proposal just because you weren’t able to connect. Snovio is a Chrome extension which finds the email addresses from LinkedIn profiles or websites, validate email addresses with email verifier and message with Email Sender. This is an easy to use email finder with an inbuilt email verifier, email drip campaigns and a lot of free tools.

Thanks to modern day technology, getting the attention of your target market will no longer cost you an arm and a foot. Connecting to qualified leads have gotten so much easier even if they are half way around the planet.

Lead generation can be done in a cost-efficient way. The truth, though, is that it can be very time consuming. A load of research has to be done and a single person can take hours to get about a hundred leads. There’s no doubt lead generation is very essential to business. If you want to save time on it, consider hiring professionals to do it for you. After all, time is you most valuable resource.

Not sure or don’t have enough time for your B2B lead generation?

Contact MCLeadgenservices and we’ll help you kick off your business!

Maricar Villamor

Co-Founder / CMO

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