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Debunking the Myths That’s Stopping You From Using LinkedIn to Acquire More Leads

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Are you using LinkedIn to acquire leads? No? Then you don’t know what you’re missing out on! LinkedIn is a rich resource for those wanting to expand their network and but their business out there. Let’s debunk some myths about the platform that might be stopping you from using this goldmine.

Myth 1: Hardly anyone uses LinkedIn.

If you think there are barely any people in LinkedIn, you couldn’t be more wrong! LinkedIn is a rich social network used by over 500 million individuals. Digital marketers often overlook this social platform because they think there are more opportunities to be found in other more popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snap Chat.

But with over 9 million business profiles to be found on LinkedIn, it’s worth using the platform to get more leads. You might be surprised it would work as well, if not even better, than the usual social platforms you’re putting more effort on.

Myth 2: People on LinkedIn hardly check their account. They only use it to update their resumes.

Not at all true! Once you start connecting with people through LinkedIn, you’ll be surprised at how responsive or engaging they are. Sure, people don’t open it as much as they use Messenger, WhatsApp, or other personal messaging apps. But when people receive a message through LinkedIn, they recognize it as a professional connection or opportunity, and who wouldn’t want to respond to that, right?

Myth 3: You can only connect with people you already know so it’s not a valuable tool to gain new leads.

The truth is you can connect with anyone on LinkedIn! Sure they show your degree connection to the person you’re trying to add to your network, but you don’t necessarily have to be on the first or second degree in order to request to connect.

Sure, sometimes you can run into profiles asking for the person’s email address before you can add him or her, but this is a user preference and is actually a feature people rarely use. Once you try to add a person to your network, LinkedIn will give you a chance to send a brief introduction. Use this feature so you’ll have a higher chance of being accepted.

So now that you know you should definitely add LinkedIn to your lead generation strategies, what should you do to make the most out of your LinkedIn account?

1 – Optimize Your Profile

Fill out all the necessary details in your profile like name, position, company, and others. Add a friendly yet professional-looking picture. Pictures are important and those with the proper profile photo are likely to get more engagement.

Make your profile SEO-friendly, too! Think about what keywords you want to associate yourself with and make sure those are included in your profile. You would definitely want to show up in the results of people who might be looking for the likes of you.

2 – Create Relevant Content

Establish your authority by creating relevant content that would be helpful to your target market. The more you post, the more people will find you credible and seek for your assistance and connect with you.

3 – Connect to Your Target Market

Now that you’ve optimized your profile and posted helpful content, you’re ready to connect with your target audience! They’ll see who you are and what you do the moment they look at your profile. They’ll see you as an authority in the field when they read your post. This is a good way to start building a relationship with them and they’ll eventually see how you can help them with their own business.

LinkedIn may seem a smaller social platform compared to other social media websites or apps, but it’s a goldmine for leads and professional connections! So what are you waiting for? Create and optimize your profile now!


Maria Cristina Garcia

CEO / Founder, MCLeadgenservices

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